Agapitoi Synadelphoi
and Dear Alex and Christos

I am sorry to say that as the saying does here in USA and as I see it you are both barking under the wrong tree. You come three thousand miles to tell us what is happening in the the Hospitals over there in our Patrida. So we all sympathize with you and we are glad we are now here not there. And life goes on!

You do not say a word that life over here was like that a number of years ago and it took much effort to change things and it is taking much effort by socially conscious people and our news media to…..
put pressure on the politicians to maintain the system functioning humanely for the benefit of all its citizens not only for the benefit of the rich and corporate tax payers.

So when Demosthenes has repeatedly proposed that the Forum periodically recognize Greek Journalists with a “Pulitzer Style” award for their “muckraking” efforts to improve injustices in Greece, most of the Forum members ignore it for it is a political and an economic issue that does not now impact them.

As a good example of this I note a number of newspapers in Greece that have carried articles on the deplorable care that the mentally disturbed receive in Greece. I have repeatedly sent to the Forum reprints of these articles and asked for the Forum members to take some action to ameliorate these inhumanely deplorable conditions.
Why could not the Forum step in and for example recognize the Greek Journalists and publishers for their mukraking effort. We expect the other Greeks impacted in Greece to do it. We wait until some journalist of the BBC or the New York Times or Sorros to do an article on the callousness of the Greeks in caring for the mentally ill and then we chime in to blame journalists, Sorros and the Greek politicians, for now we are Americans or Canadians or Australians, or ,,, and we are calling from across the Atlantic for the Greeks to have “filotimo”. Where is our filotimo as human beings (if not GREEKS) who by some luck have escaped the current injustices that go on in Greece and keep quite for our convenience or to save embarassing politicians and taxpayers by for example encouraging the Greek Journalists and publishers with a periodic Journalists’ encouraging award?

Excuse my French,
“Hyprocite lecteur, mon semblable mon frere” Beaudelaire

Dr Demosthenes Kostas
Greenwich CT USA

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